Take a Hike

I do try to love all of 'God's Creatures' but this morning I struggled with flies and slugs. With five weeks to go before I attempt to ascend all 1085 metres of Mount Snowdon's rocky height, I have had to up my game with the 'Training'. I use inverted commas because I am not a... Continue Reading →

I’ve A Primeval Heart

Aged 13, dressed in white, with flowers in my hair and a candle in one hand I celebrated the summer solstice for the first time, alone. Looking back, I see now, that I wasn't like other 13 year olds. Then, as I do now to a slightly lesser degree, I dwelt in a fairyland of... Continue Reading →

From The Sublime To The Meticulous

Always looking for contrasts and parallels, amusing juxtaposition, differences and connections, I found plenty today. As we joined the end of a snaking queue that led up the stairs and wove around the mezzanine coffee shop in the Sainsbury's superstore at Monks Cross, it was blindingly clear that Lego Trading Cards trump 'Art' as a... Continue Reading →

Retail Therapy

I live 18.3 miles from the nearest branch of John Lewis. I know. But don't cry for me, because pre 2014, if I needed a fix, I would have had to drive 53.7 miles into Leeds, and that is, you'll agree, unimaginable hardship. Back when I lived in Cambridge, John Lewis became one of my... Continue Reading →

British Summer Fashion Must-Haves

Conforming to a very British stereotype I shall now make an observation on the weather. It's 9 degrees, and it's raining, still. How disappointing it is to return from a week on a faraway sun-drenched island, having cultivated a very un-english tan, (nearly all over too!) only to be faced with the depressing prospect of... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home

When we left on our jolly holiday, the journey was tinged with sorrow as we passed through Manchester so soon after the shocking terror attack.  A week later, although it was hard to drag ourselves away from the blue blue sea and steadfast sunshine, it was, as always, lovely to touchdown on home turf. On... Continue Reading →

Never Say No To Snorkelling

As a welcome diversion from some very taxing sunbathing, our snorkelling excursion could not have come at a more suitable juncture as, during the previous day, I momentarily nodded off lying face down, and my buttocks were nuked by the blazing sun. Nothing soothes a burnt bum like floating in a cool saltwater bath wearing... Continue Reading →

Travel light part 3

I'm not a penny pincher, far from it, I'm actually a profligate spendthrift as you might already know, but I do love to avoid spending good money on unnecessary expenses. Over the years of travelling with the family I've collected a range of beautiful lightweight cotton beach towels. Bear with me, it's akin to my... Continue Reading →

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