Travel light part 3

I’m not a penny pincher, far from it, I’m actually a profligate spendthrift as you might already know, but I do love to avoid spending good money on unnecessary expenses.
Over the years of travelling with the family I’ve collected a range of beautiful lightweight cotton beach towels.
Bear with me, it’s akin to my ‘Kite Habit’ (see ‘Traveling Light Part 2’)

It all started in Marrakesh when I became a little fanatical about the hammam and all it’s pared back simplicity: Marble slab, nakedness, mud scrub, steam and then a rub down in fine crisp cotton, with tassels! First ‘Peshtemal’ was duly purchased.
When I dragged the family to the island paradise of Paxos ( the poor things) I used it as an excuse to invest in three more lightweight towels so that we could each carry our own 56x45x25cm cabin bag onto the cigar-case-with-wings, save on the cost of checking in hold luggage and on arrival we slip away quickly after passport control while our fellow passengers stare vacantly at an empty carousel. No more fluffy beach towels that are impossible to hand wash, take an age to dry and use up half our baggage allowance.
It was then that I discovered Kikoy towels, slightly more robust and colourful but equally practical for all the above reasons.

If you’re especially resourceful and creative (like me!) you can wear a kikoy in a number of stylish ways, or even fashion one into a beach bag…Or you can just dry yourself with it!

You too can become obsessive about holiday towels if you visit, a company specialising in gorgeous textiles hand made in Kenya. If you’re a fan of stripes and bright colours and can see the economic sense in buying ‘special’ towels, they’re worth a browse next time you are planning a lightweight getaway.
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