Welcome Home

When we left on our jolly holiday, the journey was tinged with sorrow as we passed through Manchester so soon after the shocking terror attack. 

A week later, although it was hard to drag ourselves away from the blue blue sea and steadfast sunshine, it was, as always, lovely to touchdown on home turf. On the flight I sat next to a lovely man from Heywood, close to the city of Manchester. He is an artist who alongside hundreds of others, has contributed his talents to a huge online auction of original works of art to support the families of those devastated by the attack. https://www.facebook.com/adam.gilbertson.73/posts/10213034384316598

There was such a warm welcome awaiting us at the Crowne Plaza when we checked in at 3am after our night flight, and it became evident later that morning as we arrived at Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station, that the city was brimming with love and solidarity. It made me smile to think how the wicked perpetrators of these cowardly acts of terror unwittingly achieve the opposite effect, by giving civilised people every chance to show how love conquers evil.
I didn’t know before now that the symbol of Manchester is the bee. A former beekeeper myself this pleases me a great deal, and has strengthened my resolve to get that bee tattoo I’ve been dreaming of.
I bought a special Manchester edition of Grazia magazine and we made a donation to the pedalling policeman for the I❤️MCR #WeStandTogether fund. Everyone was indomitably optimistic.

As our train rattled through the lush West Yorkshire valleys and across the Vale of York into the buttercup meadows outside Howden we quickly forgot the hot dusty lunar landscape of Sal. Soon the mermaid tail was hanging on the line and it was almost as if our trip had just been an exotic dream. 

#westandtogether #manchester #bee #peace #love #onelove #cominghome #grazia

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