Future Shock Forgotten For Now

A dreamy kid, I had a naive nostalgia for a bygone era viewed through a pair of heavily rose-tinted spectacles. At the age of fifteen, for an English oral test, I ranted for five whole minutes about the deforestation of the Amazon Basin. I cringe thinking about my teenage self being scoffed at in a... Continue Reading →


My daughter Rose has reached the age when children start to explore their identity by deciding how 'weird' they want to be. Her best friend, a bright little button who's good at EVERYTHING, announced recently that she has Dyspraxia. I find it hard to believe, but am sorry if that is the case, because if... Continue Reading →

Health Tip For The Middle Age #1

My friends might say that I am a mine of random information, an endless font of top tips, often unsolicited, but always well-meaning. Well, here's a new recommendation to share, which might come in very handy for anyone who feels a twinge somewhere about their person and is thinking of getting it checked out: When... Continue Reading →

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