Rolling about on the lino…

Sounds like fun? It's just my little way of getting your attention. I now have the pleasure of announcing some dates for the ART&ROSE Winter Workshops, which start with the Lino Cutting & Printing sessions. (It could even be as much fun as whatever you might have been imagining!) The Lino Cutting & Printing workshop... Continue Reading →

Advent Vent

I make no apologies for announcing that on this day, Monday 20th November, Christmas has officially begun… get on my tits, and I will happily accept the deserved label of Big Fat Hairy Green Grinch. Let’s make that a hand made lino-printed label, artfully finished with washi tape and laser cut snowflake, attached, with... Continue Reading →

Living Rooms.

Having realised with a jolt that we are moving into a new life chapter; the hands of the kitchen clock whizzing round with increasing fury and the children beginning to dwarf us, I noticed an interesting shift in the way we occupy and decorate our home. We have just completed Phase One of a home... Continue Reading →

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